Printronix System Architecture 

   Makes Our Printers Unique

What is Printronix System Architecture?

Printronix System Architecture (PSA) is an intelligent design platform that combines exclusive features with a common set of building blocks to simplify printer replacement/installation and improve productivity.
Whether you’re replacing old printers or maintaining a fleet of printers, PSA gives you the tools you need to seamlessly replace printers and manage your printers effortlessly.

PSA Exclusive Technologies

PrintNet Enterprise (PNE)  – PNE is an advanced remote printer management tool that  enables IT staff to manage a single printer or an entire fleet of printers from a central remote location. PNE Is a FREE software option with no initial cost or monthly charges. Key printer management features include the ability to discover printers, monitor printer health, manage printer configurations, perform diagnostics, troubleshoot, and push firmware updates. PNE is also vitally important in creating barcode validation reports when used with an ODV printer/validator.

Online Data Validation (ODV) – Exclusive to Printronix, ODV-2D is an affordable, fully integrated printer/barcode validator that scans each barcode, grades it to ISO standards, strikes out rejected barcodes and automatically reprints a new label. ODV-2D has the ability to validate up to 50 1D or 2D Barcodes per label and supports the more difficult barcodes symbologies including  QR Codes and PDF-417, Data Matrix, QR or 1-D Symmbologies at any rotation.  ODV-1D is an option that is available with the T6000e and T8000 industrial thermal printers.

ODV-2D when combined with PrintNet Enterprise is able to generate barcode validation reports that  prove the integrity of each barcode when it leaves the point of origin. These reports have saved our customers thousands of dollars in compliance fines.

PSA Features

Multiple Language Emulations – PSA supports all major printer languages, including Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Intermec, Toshiba, Monarch (Avery Dennison), IER, and CAB. In addition, the printer supports PDF and Postscript printing, as well as IPDS and legacy LinePrinter+ (Proprinter, Epson, Serial Matrix, P-Series) and QMS Code V.

Common Control Panel / User Interface – All Printronix Auto ID  PSA printers use the same ergonomic control panel layout and menu structure which means training and day-to-day operation becomes simplified and maximizes productivity for IT staff and operators.

Quick Change Memory Cartridge (QCMC) – QCMC is a plug-in, SD memory card that stores printer settings, along with a dedicated network MAC. Should a printer go down and need to be replaced by another printer, the cartridge can be easily removed from the failed printer and installed in the replacement printer with exactly the same settings as the original unit. This keeps downtime to a minimum and saves time and effort for IT staff.

Embedded Webpage – For IT staff that prefer to manage their printers using a webpage, PSA  includes an embedded HTML server that allows for almost the same features as PNE but is accessed through a browser. It also includes a virtual control panel which allows real-time configuration changes.

GPIO – The GPIO provides a fully programmable eight-input / eight-output opto-coupler interface as well as four single-pole / double-throw electromechanical relays. Customizable programs can be developed using our GPIO Manager, an application within the PrintNet Enterprise Suite, that is based on ‘Event’ and ‘Action’ commands. This very flexible solution enables integration into automated manufacturing and supply chain environments.


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