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Genuine Printronix Auto ID thermal transfer ribbons and media, working as a team and matched to the specific application requirements, ensure your thermal printer is ready for all mission critical applications.

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Barcodes and RFID tags are the key to efficiency in today’s fast-moving supply chains.

A bad barcode or RFID tag can reduce efficiency and result in non-compliance fines, lagging production lines and delayed shipments.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

We stock a wide selection of Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies for all Industrial, Desktop and Mobile printer models. Most items are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Custom Solutions

In addition to our stock products, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call.

Consistent Quality

Using high quality media ensures that your printer will deliver optimum performance and generate flawless labels…every printout, every time.


With multiple product distribution points within North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific, your supplies will be where you need them, when you need them.

Thermal Transfer Labels

The best printing solution is achieved when the printer, ribbon and media are matched to the application require­ments. All Genuine Printronix Auto ID Supplies have been thoroughly tested and qualified through our printers so that we can offer the “perfect match.” This means that through the optimized combination of your Printronix Auto ID printer and Genuine Printronix Auto ID Supplies, you will enhance your efficiency, minimize your costs and enjoy a “no worry” printing solution.

Thermal Transfer Label Material

105– Premium coated paper with Permanent acrylic adhesive

105 RFID– Premium coated paper with Permanent acrylic adhesive. RFID inlay

180T– Premium coated tag stock

600 Series– Polypropylene label stock. Gloss White & Matte White

700 Series– Polyester label stock. Gloss White, Matte White and Matte Chrome

*Many other label materials and adhesives are available.


Media Selection Guide


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NON-TOPCOATED vs. TOPCOATED Direct Thermal Material

Direct thermal materials utilize a heat sensitive, direct thermal coating that produces an image when in contact with the energized thermal printhead within your printer. The direct thermal coating is also sensitive to other environmental factors such as chemical contact, humidity, UV exposure and abrasion. These factors can destroy or degrade the quality of your printed image. To help protect your printed image from these environmental factors, materials are available with a clear, protective top-coating. This top coat acts as a barrier to help resist the effects of image-degrading environmental factors.

Which is right for your application?

NON-TOPCOATED PRODUCT is the most economical choice and acceptable for short duration labeling applications requiring limited environmental resistance.

TOPCOATED PRODUCT is best for applications where the label will be subjected to abrasion, sunlight, moisture or light chemical contact. Your Printronix Auto ID supplies expert can help you determine the proper choice for your label application.


RFID Technology – A Brief Introduction

Since the development of UHF RFID standards in the early 2000’s, the technology has steadily grown in many industries. The introduction of UHF technology brought longer read ranges than could previously be attained. Over the years, the performance has advanced and costs reduced such as to gain broad industry adoption. Some industry examples include tracking garments in retail, medical equipment in healthcare, containers in logistics, pipes in energy, produce in farming, and much more. Standard pressure-sensitive barcode labels are now available with passive RFID inlays embedded to form a “Smart Label”. The RFID inlay incorporates an RFID chip (or IC) and an antenna. The inlays are available in many forms to work with different types of materials and applications. The chip itself is also available in many versions but generally stores a minimum of 96bits of data, enough to create a unique electronic ID for the item to which it is attached. Traditional barcode scanners require line-of-site to read the barcode label, and the barcode data just reflects a type of item. The benefit of an RFID label is that it can be ‘wanded’ very quickly, at high volume, without direct view and at some distance from the item. Additionally each item is uniquely serialized. And of course, you can still have the barcode and human readable information. Printronix Auto ID offers a variety of labels that incorporate the latest RFID inlays to support the most common applications. We are also able to provide custom RFID labels for specific applications. In conjunction with our broad suite of thermal ribbon offerings, Printronix Auto ID RFID labels are designed to work optimally with Printronix Auto ID RFID printer/encoders to assure the most reliable RFID printer/encode solution.

Performance Guarantee

Printronix Auto ID offers a variety of RFID labels that incorporate the latest RFID inlays to support the most common applications. In conjunction with our broad suite of thermal ribbon offerings, Printronix Auto ID RFID labels are designed to work optimally with Printronix Auto ID RFID printer/encoders to assure the highest yield and most reliable RFID printer/encode solution. Genuine Printronix Auto ID RFID labels are guaranteed to perform to your complete satisfaction.  RFID Compatibility Chart

RFID Technology & Printer Compatibility – Regions


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M4L2 MOBILE PRINTER RECEIPT ROLLS (available in Americas and EMEA only)

With five grades to choose from, Printronix Auto ID’s comprehensive line of receipt rolls ensure a perfect match for your mobile receipt application. Designed to maximize the output and efficiency of the Printronix Auto ID M4L2 mobile printer, Genuine Printronix Auto ID supplies will provide the most cost-effective, no-hassle solution available.

M4L2 Receipts Media Specifications



Asia Pacific – Not available



Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Supported by a full range of ink formulations, you can be confident that your Genuine Printronix Auto ID ribbon will meet the demands of all your label printing applications. Enjoy consistent, premium quality and optimized performance through your Printronix Auto ID printer. Below are the Printronix Auto ID range of thermal transfer ribbons:

8050 – Standard Wax

  • Widely used for barcode applications. Provides excellent print quality
  • Suitable for standard labeling applications
  • Compatible with most coated and non- coated paper labels

8300 – Premium Wide Spectrum Wax

  • Resin-enhanced wax
  • Best scratch and smudge resistance for a wax ribbon
  • Supports high speed printing
  • Excellent print quality on all papers and some film materials

8500 – Standard Wax/Resin (US Only)    8550 – Standard Wax/Resin (Asia Pacific & EMEA Only)

  • General purpose wax/resin formulation
  • Superior print quality on all common papers and films. Our most versatile formulation
  • Prints at low temperatures and high speed

8550 – Premium Wax Resin (US Only)    8580 Premium Wax/Resin (Asia Pacific & EMEA Only)

  • Designed to print on a wide range of coated paper and films
  • Very sharp print quality, enabling ladder and rotated barcode printing simultaneously
  • Enhanced abrasion and scratch resistance

8600 – Specialty Wide Spectrum Resin (US Only)

  • Excellent mechanical resistance, including abrasion and scratch
  • Extensive adaptability to a wide range of materials
  • Supports high speed printing

8650 – Standard Resin

  • Adaptable to a wide range of label materials
  • Supports high speed printing
  • Very high resistance to solvents and abrasion

8770 – Ultra Durable Resin

  • Developed for extreme environment labeling
  • Unmatched scratch and solvent resistance
  • Maximum durability

Many other solutions are available, please ask us!


Additional Specific Region Information is Below


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Cleaning Supplies

Printronix Auto ID’s line of thermal printer cleaning supplies are designed to support two crucial objectives:
1. Ensure clean, consistent printing with optimal image clarity and density
2. Maximize the life of the thermal printhead and printing mechanism

Routine Matters

With a simple cleaning routine, you can be rewarded with optimum operational efficiencies, reduced service calls and maximum equipment life. Adhesive, dust and environmental contaminates all contribute to:

  • Print voids
  • Barcode scan issues
  • Paper and label jams
  • Poor print quality
  • Printhead failure

CLEANING CARDS Designed to remove the most stubborn contaminates from the thermal printhead and the full circumference of the rollers.

CLEANING SWABS Effectively cleans the thermal printhead, platen roller and other interior surfaces. A foam tip on a slender, 5” applicator makes this an easy-to-use solution.

CLEANING PENS Effectively removes dirt, ink and other environmental contaminates from thermal printheads

CLEANING WIPES Pre-Saturated wipes designed for cleaning the interior of the printer as well as the thermal printhead.


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