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Compliance Labeling

With compliance fines on the rise, companies are looking to verify their barcodes before shipping. Printronix offers exclusive Online Data Validation (ODV) integrated printers. Printronix ODV and ODV-2D printers scan each barcode as its printed, strike thru bad barcodes and reprint new ones. Printronix is the only company to offer an affordable 2D integrated barcode printer and validator.

ROI of ODV Printers

Say goodbye to expensive fees and returned or condemned goods. With compliance fees on the rise, the cost of a new ODV printer can be recouped by avoiding even one single fine. And unlike other validation solutions, ODV printers operate without supervision, store a record of each label printed and can be used in conjunction with RFID technology.

Shipping Labels

What is the key in getting a package from point A to point B? A perfectly printed shipping label certainly helps! Printronix industrial printers are some of the industry’s most durable and reliable printers offering years of reliable, uninterrupted service. The T6000 or T8000 are ideal for rugged warehouse environments. We also offer the T400 and T600 desktop printers for smaller mailrooms with a lighter duty cycle.

Cold Storage

Not every printer can operate in below freezing temperatures but the T8000 industrial printer is ideal for cold storage with the ability to operate in sub-zero environments without an enclosure! Durable construction and reliable performance will keep your application running smoothly regardless of the temperature.

Pick Tickets and Forklift Printing

Improve your bottom line by increasing efficiency. Mobile printing and the ability to work on the go has become the expectation and the warehouse is no exception. The M4L2 offers a high-performance radio module with Dual-Antenna Technology, best-in-class battery life and rugged design. The printer can be customized for your specific application by choosing from a large assortment of accessories including a forklift mount.

The Right Label Material

Choosing the right printer is only part of the success of your application. Are your labels going to be stored outside? Do they need to be water resistant or do you need an RIFD tag? GENUINE PRINTRONIX SUPPLIES will work with you to identify the right labeling materials for your needs and make sure you’re getting it at the most cost effective price available.

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