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Track & Trace

Parts labeling is an important and growing legal requirement for manufacturing, automotive and aeronautical industries. New standards require that each item be labeled and that those labels contain more information than ever before. To meet these standards and avoid costly fines, companies are turning to printers like the ODV-2D with the ability to print, validate and generate a report of each barcode printed. In addition to the durable construction and reliable operation you’ve come to expect from Printronix, the T6000 and T8000 offer a mix of RFID capabilities and our exclusive ODV-1D and ODV-2D technologies.

Compliance & Barcode Data Validation

With compliance fines on the rise, companies are looking to verify their barcodes before shipping. Printronix uses its exclusive Online Data Validation (ODV) technology to validate barcodes. The new ODV-2D is the industry’s first affordable, fully integrated solution for printing and validating 1D and 2D barcodes. Built on the robust T8000 printer platform, ODV-2D includes a built-in printer and data validator that grades barcodes to ISO standards and stores a detailed report of each transaction. Our exclusive technology reads each barcode, overstrikes the entire label of a rejected barcode, and reprints a new label.

The ROI of Good Barcodes

Bad barcodes cost companies thousands of dollars every year in reduced productivity, miss-shipments,  returned shipments and expensive compliance fines. Companies need a printer that can keep up with their 24/7 factory floor and generate 100% accurate barcodes every time. The ODV-2D printer/validator is built on the platform of our most rugged printer, the T8000 and is able to validate and grade each 1D or 2D  barcode to ISO Standards. The cost of a new ODV-2D printer can be recouped by avoiding even one single fine or factory downtime. And unlike other validation solutions, ODV-2D operates without supervision, stores a record of each label printed and can be used in conjunction with RFID technology.

Shipping Labels

What is the key in getting a package from point A to point B? A perfectly printed shipping label certainly helps! Printronix industrial printers are some of the industry’s most durable and reliable printers offering years of reliable, uninterrupted service. The T6000e or T8000 are ideal for rugged warehouse environments. We also offer the T800 desktop printer for smaller mailrooms with a lighter duty cycle.


24/7 Industrial Operation

Downtime is not an option on a busy floor. Assembly line manufacturing require the highest quality and dependability in printers. Our enterprise-grade label printers and ODV solutions ensure that even the largest manufactures stay up and running while delivering best in class results. The T6000e is an industrial mid-range printer that is well suited for most applications but if your operation is working 24/7 we recommend the T8000, our most durable and versatile printer.

RFID Labels

As the retail floor gets more sophisticated, many stores are requesting that merchandise include an RFID label. RFID labels allow stores to take inventory in minutes instead of days, and many stores are even tying RFID labels into their security systems. RFID technology has improved in the past few years allowing companies to utilize smaller labels with more information.  Our suite of RFID printers are affordable solutions that utilize short-pitch technology so you can use smaller tags and get bigger results.

The Right Label Material

Choosing the right printer is only part of the success of your application. Are your labels going to be stored outside? Do they need to be water resistant or do you need an RIFD tag? GENUINE PRINTRONIX SUPPLIES will work with you to identify the right labeling materials for your needs and make sure you’re getting it at the most cost effective price available.

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