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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Printronix Auto ID offers a full suite of printers to meet the growing need for barcode labeling in healthcare/pharmaceuticals and manufacturing for healthcare. Anyone who has ever been a patient in a hospital knows the important role barcodes play, from receiving a wristband at admission to labeling every specimen, pharmaceutical and hospital record during your stay. Printronix Auto ID printers and media offer the reliability and durability needed during medical 24/7 operations.

Medical Device Tracking and UDI, MDR & NDC Compliance

Regulatory agencies around the world are implementing new guidelines for barcode labeling. In an effort to improve traceability, they require more information on each label and have increased the number of items that must be labeled. To meet this demand, many companies are turning to either 2D barcodes or RFID labels. Printronix Auto ID offers the T6000e printer with RFID capability and barcode validation for traditional 1D barcodes. We also offer the T8000 with ODV-2D for printing and validating 1D & 2D barcodes.


Barcode Data Validation

2D Barcodes are able to hold far more data than 1D barcodes which is an important benefit when labeling small devices or supplies. Because the barcodes are so intricate, it is critical that the quality of the printed barcode be excellent. Unreadable barcodes that are not up to compliance standards may be rejected or result in fines. Our ODV-2D offers exclusive technology that is able to print, grade and validate 2D barcodes to ISO standards. It is also able to generate a report with the grade of each barcode printed in case the quality of your barcodes is ever questioned.

RFID Labels

RFID labels allows companies to include more information per label and improve traceability especially with inventory control. RFID tags are more expensive than traditional labels but have come down in cost in recent years. Printers have also improved and are now able to utilize smaller RFID labels which has further lowered the cost per label. Printronix T6000e, T4000 and T800 RFID printers are able to print on smaller labels and are compatible with on-metal labels as well. 


A busy pharmacy can print hundreds or even thousands of labels a day. Speed is important but reliability and ease of use are even more critical. Patients are waiting and there is no time for downtime. The Printronix T6000e industrial printer is used in some of the largest pharmacies and hospitals around the world. Its rugged construction and proven platform promise years of reliable performance. For smaller applications, the T800 desktop thermal label printer is compact and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


The use of wristbands has expanded beyond the hospital. Many laboratories and medical service facilities now use wristbands in their daily operations. We recommend using the T400, a small desktop printer with the capability to print between 100 and 500 wristbands a day. Easy to use, it holds a large media role with 200 wristbands and offers multiple communication options and advanced security protocols. The T400 is Cerner certified.

Medical Supplies Tracking

Relabeling supplies before dispersing to the hospital floor is an important step in inventory control. In the same way, the pharmacy must produce quality barcodes that are easy for nurses to read, and your stockroom must generate readable barcodes too. In busy medical environments, no one has time to deal with unreadable barcodes when patient care is waiting.

Laboratory and Specimen Labeling

Labeling of specimens in a hospital can take place at the nurse’s station or at the patient’s bedside. It can be just a few labels a day or thousands. Printronix offers printers to meet all of these applications. Our mobile printers deliver the ultimate in portability for error proof, on-site labeling. Our desktop printers are designed for compact areas and are perfect for lower volume applications and we recommend our T6000 industrial printers for 24/7 high volume environments. We know how important the right label is so we also offer the specialized media required for this important application. Choosing the right printer and the right media will reduce frustration and downtime leaving you free to focus on patients.

Cerner Certification

Printronix T6000 industrial printers and T400 desktop printers have been certified for use by facilities that utilize Cerner systems or software worldwide. Cerner Corporation, is the world’s largest publicity traded health information technology company.
• The T6000 is an industrial printer with optional RFID and the ability to validate 1-D barcodes.
•The T400 is a desktop printer with the reliability and WiFi security protocols required.

Specialized Media for Medical Applications

We offer specialized media for all of your medical applications such as labels for blood bags, pharmaceutical bottles, laboratories, specimen containers and clean room applications. Our wristband media meets patient safety and regulatory guidelines in accordance with the Joint Commission on National Patient Safety, AHA, HIPPA, and MR-SAFE for MRI Environments.

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