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Quanta Computer

Founded by President Lin Baili in 1988, Quanta Computer is the world’s largest notebook manufacturer, with one-in-three notebooks worldwide manufactured by Quanta. The company is also noted as one of the World’s Top 500 companies.

“Printronix Auto ID offers printers that meet our demands and solve our problems as well as offer us all-around great service. We are very grateful.” – Mr. Wu, Director of Tech-Front Warehouse

The Problem

The branded notebooks produced by Quanta’s subsidiary, Tech-Front, are collected in a warehouse and then delivered worldwide. The international nature of the notebooks requires sticking labels in various languages, including bar codes and words in different languages. According to the requirements of local market of product users, the labels are created via database and printed dynamically. Tech Front required a label printer that could produce large quantities of labels, and could quickly transition for different bar codes and languages.

Our Solution

With the support of Printronix, its agent Syntel Technologies provided Tech-Front with a complete printer solution based on company demand. Printronix barcode printers can support printing UTF-8 data. Tech-Front purchased twelve Printronix thermal barcode printers that can easily print labels with words in different languages, including Japanese, Korean and French to meet its customers’ demands and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Results

Printronix was able to help Tech-Front meet the demands of different customers all over the world and also reduce company operating costs.

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