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Inergy Automotive Systems

Inergy Automotive Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic tank systems for top German car makers including Porsche and BMW, depends on the security and reliability of Printronix Auto ID printers for internal logistics at its manufacturing plant in Rottenburg, Germany.

“When we decided to use RFID printers at our Rottenburg plant, we opted for Printronix because they offer the best and most versatile thermal printing solutions with ODV” – Robert Brusch, Industrial Engineer for Inergy Automotive Systems

The Problem

Inergy Automotive Systems needed a printing specialist with a robust offering for reading barcodes and cancelling them immediately if they are faulty or incorrect.

Inergy, also needed the new printer platform to integrate with RLS custom software for serial number tracking management.

Our Solution

Printronix Auto ID is the only supplier in the market offering intelligent print systems, such as ODV. The ODV solution from Printronix does more than just confirm that barcodes are readable, it intelligently strikes through bad barcodes then reprints new labels.

Inergy chose a Printronix  thermal barcode printer with ODV for its flexibility, easy maintenance and ability to quickly upgrade to RFID in the future. The printer is used to print two, code 128 bar code labels containing the tank’s serial number for tracking during the manufacturing process and beyond.

The Results

If a fault is reported because of incorrect serial numbers or unreadable barcodes, the printer takes both labels back in and prints over them with a checkered pattern so there is no way the incorrect labels can get in to the production chain. Another clever detail is the weighing program. Should a tank be well over or under weight, no serial number label is printed, as it is clearly non-standard.

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