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Hyundai Motor India Limited

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, is the second largest and fastest growing car manufacturer in India. HMIL markets 16 variations of its passenger cars to six market segments, distributes spare parts to more than 180 dealers in India, and serves more than 1,000 after-sales service providers.

“Printronix features included a dual motor system, 32MB RAM memory and Datamax emulations that made the process of integrating new hardware into the existing system very easy.” Mr. Prabhakar, Manager of IT, HMIL Plant

The Problem

After discovering the printing system it had been using in its spare parts plant was providing less than adequate support for the growing division, HMIL identified a need for a new printing solution that would enhance the quality of its after-sales service by improving the accuracy of order processing.

Our Solution

Because it was cost-prohibitive for HMIL to replace the entire print system, the company needed a print solution that would: a) Emulate the functions of existing Datamax printers, b) Integrate seamlessly into existing ERP AS400 systems and c) Provide exceptional product support results

HMIL found that Printronix Auto ID thermal printers addressed all of these requirements, and was able to successfully integrate the printers within the company’s existing ERP system. The Datamax emulations provided by Printronix thermal printers also allowed HMIL to seamlessly integrate the new hardware with the existing print language.

The Result

The Fastest Growing Car Manufacturer in India uses Printronix Thermal Barcode Printers to Improve After-Sales Service.

*Printer photos may not represent the exact model used in Success Story

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