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Geely Holding Group

Founded in 1986, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is the largest private auto enterprise in China with total value of assets of more than ¥8 billion, and is ranked among the top ten best domestic auto industry companies. Currently, Geely Group has four manufacturing plants specializing in whole vehicle and power train assembly, with annual capacity of 300,000 completed vehicles, 300,000 engines and 200,000 transmissions.

“Printronix Auto ID barcode printers deliver stable performance and fully readable barcodes which not only ensure the on-time release of Geely cars in production and significantly increase efficiency, it also meets all requirements of the after-sales recall system. At any time, the printer can be upgraded to adapt to RFID projects. We are very satisfied with Printronix barcode printers.” – Mr. Wang, Project Manager, Technical Department, Geely Auto

The Problem

Geely Auto numbered-marked whole vehicle and major parts mechanically and manually recorded the number of each part during the manufacturing process. These manual operations were reasonable for low-yield manufacturing processes, but exposed poor efficiency and inaccuracies in tagging for continuously increasing yields.

If defects were found on parts of whole vehicles after they were sold, the entire vehicle had to be recalled and overhauled to find and replace the defective part. In this scenario, the manual process couldn’t cope with a complete recall.

Our Solution

Upgrade Geely’s existing system processes and replace mechanic printers with Printronix industrial thermal barcode printers. Leveraging Printronix’s embedded SAP printer driver feature allowed the replacement process to go quickly and smoothly.

Adding to Printronix’s proven success, an increasing number of spare parts suppliers of Geely Auto have switched to Printronix barcode printers to keep up with the rapid growth of Geely.

The Results

The reliable and fully readable barcode output is the foundation for the system operation. With prominent barcode printing capability and stable, reliable industrial on-site performance, Printronix Auto ID was selected by Geely as its sole barcode printer supplier. The high quality of Printronix barcode printers makes sure that the system flows smoothly and efficiently.

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