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Printronix Auto ID has the complete range of products, spare parts, supplies and services to comprehensively cover the needs of customers and business partners using InfoPrint thermal products. For Printronix Auto ID, this is a core business that InfoPrint users can count on to protect their investments far into the future. Furthermore, as a core business, Printronix Auto ID continues to invest in this technology providing new products and services to expand the value of thermal technologies to the InfoPrint customer and partner base.

How to Transition to the Printronix Portfolio

Printronix Auto ID is the original equipment manufacturer for InfoPrint thermal barcode solutions. To help you migrate to our products the following comparison is designed to help you easily transition over by reviewing the Ricoh InfoPrint parts to its corresponding Printronix Auto ID part number.

Thermal Barcode Printers

When choosing thermal barcode solutions you need only compare (1) Maximum Print Width 4″, 6″ or 8″ and (2) Printronix equivalent model and decide if you need 200 or 300dpi.

Frequenty Asked Questions

InfoPrint Printers and Options

Will InfoPrint printers and options continue to be available?
Long term – No. InfoPrint will stop accepting order for new printers and options on December 30th, 2011. After this, the only new InfoPrint printers will be those that exist in partners’ inventory.

Does Printronix offer equivalent models to replace the InfoPrint product line?
Yes. Printronix offers a direct match for each thermal printer previously offered by InfoPrint. In addition, there are more models never offered by InfoPrint expanding markets and offer exciting benefits.

How do the specifications compare between the InfoPrint and the Printronix printers?
The specifications are identical. Printronix was the OEM manufacturer for the InfoPrint line of products. All aspects of size, speed, paper handling, power consumption and appearance are the same.

How are the line matrix control panels different?
Both the Printronix and InfoPrint panels perform the exact same function. They provide a vehicle to configure the printer, a display for error and status messages and keys for the basic functions. However, the exact menu sequence is different between the two and the display for the InfoPrint panel has a larger number of characters. So, some light training and adjustment will be required to adapt to the Printronix version of operator panel.

How about system compatibility with Printronix printers?
The Printronix printers are completely compatible as a direct replacement for the InfoPrint printers. As the OEM provider, Printronix and InfoPrint printers actually shared the same system emulation firmware that is core to determining the printer’s behavior.

Will Printronix have IPDS for InfoPrint customers?
Yes. Printronix printers have long supported IPDS and will continue to do so. Since the InfoPrint and Printronix IPDS versions were constructed independently, there may be some initial compatibility gaps, but these should not be a concern. It is Printronix intention to vigorously identify and correct any issues known today and as they may be found in the future. In the event that an application variation is identified at a customer site, the Printronix CSC team will quickly escalate and correct the situation. The InfoPrint thermal printers have always successfully used the Printronix version of IPDS.

Will Printronix accept any InfoPrint returns?
No. All sales will be final. Printronix is not authorized to sell InfoPrint branded printers past this last sales date, so no inventory can be accepted back.

InfoPrint Consumables

Will I still be able to get consumables for my InfoPrint printers?
Yes. There will be a new line of Printronix branded consumables designed to work on InfoPrint products. In addition, it is expected that RPPS will continue to supply InfoPrint branded consumables through many of their traditional channels.

Will I still be able to buy consumables from my same source today?
Yes, InfoPrint branded supplies will remain available from the same sources you may already be dealing with today.

How long will these consumables be available?
Protecting the users’ investment is critical to Printronix and we will continue to provide a robust supply of consumables for these products for years into the future. Printronix is still supplying ribbons for its first printers shipped in 1974!

Service and Support

Who will handle printer warranties?
Printronix will hold and be responsible for all warranty claims on Printronix branded equipment. Printronix will not carry the warranty for InfoPrint branded equipment. Users of InfoPrint branded products will need to look to InfoPrint or its successor for any warranty terms and service.

Who will handle existing service contracts?
Holders of InfoPrint service contracts will need to look to InfoPrint or its successor for fulfillment of repair services under their current contracts.

If I do not have a service contract can Printronix still repair my equipment?
Yes. Printronix is fully capable to diagnose and repair any InfoPrint line matrix or thermal product and will provide a quote for any requested repair services.

Are service contracts available from Printronix for InfoPrint products?
Yes. Printronix offers a wide range of service contracts and repair services for InfoPrint products. As the original OEM provider of these machines, you can be certain that Printronix is fully trained and knows how to provide premium quality service.

Can InfoPrint end users or business partners call Printronix for technical support?
Yes. Free technical support is available to all InfoPrint end users, or partners operating on their behalf, that are holding an active service contract directly with Printronix. For all others, technical support will be provided on a fee basis.

Where can I buy spare parts for an InfoPrint printer?
Users can order spare parts from their local Printronix Auto ID business partner.


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