Manufacturers spend considerable time and effort selecting the right label software, designing their labels, and purchasing high quality print equipment to ensure that their inventory can be effectively received, processed, and distributed. However, in the retail industry, the high-volume retailers will impose fees to the shipper for unreadable labels. This is to discourage the suppliers from not caring about the quality of their barcode labels. To prevent these costly compliance fees, a barcode verification tool is typically the solution of choice. A major misconception is that your organization’s economical handheld barcode scanner can effectively take the place of a barcode verifier.

Where Barcode Scanners Fall Short

A barcode scanner is made to read the contents of a label. In a warehouse, distribution center, or assembly line, scanners are often used to check outgoing labels. While handheld barcode scanners can be a quick and more cost-friendly option, they do not guarantee that your labels will meet industry standards or contain the right information on the receiver’s end. Barcode scanners are often used to spot-check shipments, often skipping over potential bad or unscannable labels. Given that there is no industry standard for barcode scanners, the quality of the scanner and its label reading capabilities can vary.  Checking to see if a label scans with a barcode scanner is not enough. Not only does the shipper want to scan the content of the label but they also want to verify the grade of the label. The industry has established a grading system for labels that consists of quality grades A through F to rate their readability. Many customers will only accept A and B quality barcodes.

Print Confidently with a Complete Barcode Verification Solution

Fortunately, there is a tool that enables barcode label printers to go beyond the abilities of a scanner and verify every label printed. The Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D barcode verifier scans and grades barcodes to industry standards and stores a detailed report of each transaction. Shippers can print confidently knowing the label applied to their package is correct, readable, and an acceptable grade on the receiving end. Additionally, the data from the barcode verifier can be passed back to the printer’s software providing a closed-loop system that ensures all intended labels were printed successfully.

But what happens if a bad label is printed?  Is there anything you can do?  Fortunately, yes. Printronix Auto ID thermal label printers with barcode verification technology have the ability to read each barcode, overstrike the entire label on a rejected barcode, and then reprint a new label in its place.  This ensures that unreadable labels are not accidentally put into the supply chain.  With barcode verification, only labels with the correct information and a passing verification grade are applied to your products. Investing in a barcode verification solution for your label printers will actually save your organization time and money by preventing shipments from being sent back or from partners charging hefty fines for incorrect labels overlooked by your barcode scanner.

Meet the T8000 ODV-2D

The Printronix Auto ID ODV-2D is the industry’s first affordable, fully integrated solution with the ability to print, verify and validate 1D and 2D barcodes. Built on the robust T8000 printer platform, this barcode verifier includes a built-in data validator that grades barcodes to ISO standards and stores a detailed report of each transaction. Our exclusive technology reads each barcode, overstrikes the entire label of a rejected barcode, and reprints a new label.

TSC Printronix Auto ID partnered with TEKLYNX to provide the first off the shelf end-to-end barcode verification labeling solution with full audit capabilities from design to validated print results.

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