Validation, verification, 2D barcodes, traceability, increased compliance regulations, the radical transformation of many industries – there’s no doubt about it: the world of enterprise-grade printing solutions is changing rapidly.

And at Printronix Auto ID, many changes are afoot, too, with recent introductions of radically new technology and groundbreaking solutions – and only more to come!

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new blog.

Some Cool Things You Can Learn on this Blog

We’re strong believers in lifelong learning.

Our goal for this blog is to be a resource for you to learn about Printronix Auto ID, different trends and technologies affecting your industry, and news and announcements that relate to you.

Stay tuned as we explore different topics like…

  • How do thermal printers work?
  • An overview of Printronix System Architecture (and why it’s more interesting than you may have expected!)
  • Why 2D barcodes are important for the automotive industry
  • How barcodes help retailers eliminate compliance fees
  • The benefits of RFID (and the future of this technology)

… and even more!

We invite you to continue to check back for the most up-to-date content!

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