How Printronix Auto ID’s RFID Printers Improve Inventory Accuracy in the Retail Industry

Did you know that Printronix has been a pioneer in the RFID printer encoding market for years and was one of the first companies to come out with a product for this market in 2003?

Since then, as the RFID industry has matured, applications have been developed so that RFID now offers a significant – and genuine – ROI to many industries including retail.

Watch this quick video featuring Printronix Auto ID Director of Product Management Andy Edwards to learn more about how RFID applications have helped to improve inventory accuracy (and more) in the retail industry:


Printronix Auto ID’s RFID Printers


The T6000 RFID printer is designed to encode and print high-volume RFID label applications of up to 10,000 labels per day. With an adjustable, multi-position antenna, it has the flexibility to work with a wide range of RFID label constructions. The all-metal enclosure provides durability in tough environments.

Learn more about the T6000.


The T4000 RFID printer provides the ultimate in flexibility, supporting both standard labels and tags, as well as “on-metal” tags (that can operate on metal surfaces). It is designed to support mid-volume applications of up to 5,000 labels per day. With a smaller footprint and metal enclosure, it operates in tight spaces yet still provide the durability needed for enterprise applications.

Learn more about the T4000.


Designed for lower volume applications of up to 2,500 labels per day, the T800 RFID desktop printer provides a cost-effective solution for encoding and printing of RFID labels. It has an adjustable, multi-position, center-justified antenna, enabling it to work with a wide range of label constructions.

Learn more about the T800. 

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