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When you’re doing large-volume printing in a tough environment like a warehouse or a factory, what are some crucial things you need your printing solution to have?

After asking our customers this a few years ago, most people agreed that mobility was very important.

Many people wanted to have thermal printers with large-volume printing capabilities that they could bring wherever they needed in their facilities.

But there was a catch.

The best printers for large-volume printing are generally industrial printers.

Unlike desktop or smaller mobile printers, industrial printers are designed to be durable and robust, and they have the ability to print much higher volumes of labels per day at faster rates than their printing counterparts.

But by virtue of being industrial printers, they’re usually much larger than desktop and mobile printers.

So, we knew that our customers were looking for a way to transport their printers to the point of application.

They also needed something that was specifically designed to survive in the tough environments where it would be used.

Something whose construction mirrored the durable construction of our industrial printers.

The end result was the Printronix PrintCart: the only mobile printer-power solution which will last through demanding work shifts in mission-critical environments.

Since it was first unveiled, the PrintCart has consistently proved to be the industry’s best solution for large-volume printing.

Here are three reasons why.


1) Robustness

The Printronix PrintCart is probably the most industrial cart you can buy today.

It has a heavy-duty steel construction – and in fact, the key support members use 10 ga steel, so it’s incredibly strong.

One customer reported that the only time they had to replace a PrintCart was when it was hit by a forklift truck and suffered from the full impact.

Also, large, heavy-duty casters make it easier to navigate and survive the uneven surfaces of a distribution center or a warehouse.


2) Ergonomics

When you use a PrintCart, the printer is mounted on a slide-out shelf that allows easy supplies loading.

It also keeps the top of the cart clear for other equipment.

Additionally, we offer optional access such as a utility drawer, a supplies storage shelf, and a trash bin, all of which make large-volume printing extremely convenient for the user.


3) Runtime

The PrintCart’s power system includes two 100Ah AGM batteries and a charger/inverter to power the printer as long as possible.

A quick note: in terms of how long the batteries will last, this really depends on two things:

  • How many labels you print in a day
  • What other equipment is mounted on the count

Generally, though, in a typical application, you should get 2-3 days of usage.

Also, the cart has a controller that shows the battery status on an LED panel, and it alarms when the battery has depleted to 30% to conserve battery life.


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 Printronix Auto ID PrintCart


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