The Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited About the New T4000 [Now with RFID!]

Printronix Auto ID recently expanded its industrial printer family. The new T4000 is our is our most compact industrial RFID thermal barcode printer, designed for environments where space is limited, but enterprise-level performance is still required.

The T4000 offers numerous benefits to Printronix partners, distributors, and end-users alike. Here are the top five reasons we’re excited about the T4000 (and believe you should be, too!):


1) Available With & Without RFID Capability


The T4000 RFID printer was designed from the ground up to print and encode on-metal and traditional labels, making it the ideal solution for RFID asset tagging of tools and equipment.

Also, due to its compact size, the T4000 fits into environments where space is limited but enterprise-level performance and RFID printing is a requirement.

In addition, the T4000 is available both with and without RFID capability.


2) Exceptional Productivity

The T4000 is targeted for enterprise applications that demand high productivity at an affordable price. Because of its fast ARM Cortex A-7 microprocessor, it offers fast first-label print plus the ability to print up to 5,000 labels a day at speeds of up to 10 inches per second.

As a result, the T4000 is one of the most productive entry-level industrial printers available on the market today. It’s also ideally suited for diverse applications in warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.


3) Dependability You Can Count On

With its metal frame construction, wide temperature operating range, and high MTBF of up to 12,000 hours, you can rest assured that the T4000 is a dependable and durable thermal printer that you can count on for your high-performance applications. Built on the proven PSA platform, you can also expect the commonality of operation and features you’ve come to expect from Printronix.


4) Adaptable Features

With nine thermal printer emulations (allowing easy, seamless integration) and several connectivity options including enterprise-level WiFi encryption and security protocols, the T4000 can be adapted to a multitude of environments and applications. Whether you’re installing a new printer or replacing a fleet of printers, no one makes it easier than Printronix.


5) Automated Alerts

To ensure consistent – and often improved – productivity, the T4000 is supported by our PrintNet Enterprise remote management utility that offers automated email and phone alerts to keep enterprises both efficient and productive.

For More Information

Discover other reasons why the T4000 can help you boost productivity by checking out the product page or downloading the brochure.

Want to try it out? Take advantage of Printronix’s Try & Buy program which offers eligible Printronix Auto ID resellers the opportunity to provide their end-user customers with a limited risk product evaluation.

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