Printronix System Architecture PSA

Without a doubt, Printronix System Architecture – or PSA – is the most important component of our industrial thermal printers.

It represents the foundation of our architecture and provides a compelling advantage in the way it can save you and our end users time and effort.

In today’s post, we’re going to break down what PSA is, how it drives our technologies, and how you can use this platform to your advantage.

Featuring insights from our engineering team, you’ll discover all you wanted to know about PSA.


What is PSA, anyway?

We define PSA as “an intelligent design platform that combines exclusive features with a common set of building blocks to simplify printer replacement and installation while improving productivity.”

But what does this mean?

Essentially, PSA is our DNA – our foundation. It’s a common software and hardware controller system that allows us to control and unify all of our products in terms of its behavior and compatibility across the product lines.

PSA is the way we go about designing all of the electronics in any of our printers.

It is both the hardware design and the software system that run on top of it.

PSA, in short, is the backbone of our industrial printers.


Where did PSA come from?

As Printronix Line Matrix printers grew into a business that supported multiple print technologies such as laser printers and then thermal printers, our customers wanted an ability to integrate these products without having to rewrite their applications.

We conceived of PSA as the idea of one software and hardware controller system that would be used across the printer line.

It has since developed into a platform that allows you to know that whatever Printronix Auto ID product you’ll buy, you’ll get the same software, hardware, webpage, user interface, and compatibility: the same experience, every time.


What are some of the main features of PSA?

PSA includes intricate features and technologies that can save you time and make replacing printers incredibly easy.

Here are some of the most important ones to be aware of.

Emulation Suite

The PSA emulation suite supports not only Printronix native PGL (Printronix Graphics Language) but also all the major competitor thermal printer languages, including Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Intermec, Toshiba, Monarch (Avery Dennison), IER, and CAB. In addition, the printer supports PDF and Postscript printing, as well as legacy LinePrinter+ (Proprinter, Epson, Serial Matrix, and P-Series) and QMS Code V.

What is the value in supporting all these languages? It means Printronix printers can readily replace any competitor printer application without the partner or end-user having to rewrite the host application. Also, for mixed printer environments, the customer can unify with one brand of thermal printer for their printing needs.

As a result, the Printronix printers are ideal for integration into ERP systems that generate print jobs in PS/PDF file format. This ensures seamless operation in enterprise applications.

Andale and Premium Asian Fonts

There are four different Andale fonts and four different Asian fonts that can be purchased as options and supplied by an SD card. With these additional fonts, users can print characters from a wide variety of languages around the world in the font styles of the user’s choice.

Common Control Panel / User Interface

All Printronix PSA printers use the same ergonomic control panel layout and menu structure, which means that training and day-to-day operation become simplified, maximizing productivity for IT staff and operators. This is especially valuable when using multiple classes of PSA printers as it provides a common operator experience with the printers.


The Quick Change Memory Cartridge (QCMC) is a plug-in SD memory card that stores all the printer settings, along with a dedicated network MAC. Should a printer go down and need to be replaced by another printer, the cartridge can be quickly and easily removed from the failed printer and installed in the replacement printer to get it up and running very quickly with exactly the same settings as the original unit. This keeps downtime to a minimum and saves time and effort for IT staff.

PrintNet Enterprise

PrintNet Enterprise (PNE) is an advanced printer software application enabling IT staff to manage their Printronix printer fleet from a central remote location. It’s a rich tool whose key printer management features include the ability to discover printers, monitor printer health, manage printer configurations, perform diagnostics and troubleshooting, and push firmware updates.

Embedded Webpage

For IT staff that prefer to manage their printers using a webpage, PSA printers also include an embedded HTML server that allows for almost the same features of PNE but accessed through a browser. In addition, it includes a virtual control panel which allows real-time configuration changes.


The GPIO provides a fully programmable eight-input / eight-output opto-coupler interface as well as four single-pole / double-throw electromechanical relays. Customizable programs can be developed using our GPIO Manager (an application within the PrintNet Enterprise Suite) that are based on “Event” and “Action” commands. This very flexible solution enables integration into automated manufacturing and supply chain environments.

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Personal / Enterprise Security

All Printronix PSA printers use the same enterprise-grade Wi-Fi radio module, and which supports the latest Wi-Fi standards, from the legacy 2.4GHz ‘b’ to the high-speed 5GHz ‘ac’. The module is Wi-Fi Alliance certified and supports personal / enterprise level encryption and authentication security protocols, providing a robust, secure, and consistent performance for the all-wireless deployments.


How does PSA help end users and value-added resellers?

PSA is designed to help end users and value-added resellers alike.

For end users, PSA makes the IT departments’ lives easier since they can rest assured that all of our printers have the same capabilities and features across all of our products.

For our partners, PSA provides easy familiarity and knowledge of Printronix Auto ID products. They can sell into one account knowing that the foundation of every printer is the same.

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