Wonder if your RFID inlay or tag will work with one of our printers? The Printronix Auto ID “RFID Printer and Label Validation Lab” is here to help.

The lab was introduced to test a wide variety of RFID inlays and labels for compatibility with Printronix Auto ID RFID Printers. To help ensure the success of our customer’s applications, we work closely with the industry’s leading inlay and tag manufacturers to test compatibility and productivity with their media and our printers. Often, testing leads to improvements in media design and ultimately increases encoding yield or throughput. The lab has amassed a large collection of tested inlays and tags which are posted on the RFID Solution page of our website.

The lab was also created to work with customers who would like us to test their specific RFID labels and inlays. If we have not already tested the product you are considering, we can run tests for you. Just provide us with a sample of your RFID tag and we will test it to ensure optimum compatibility. Accuracy and speed are also tested to ensure your application is working at its highest level of efficiency. Please contact us at RFID@PrintronixAutoID.com for more information.

Not all inlays are suitable for all applications, and not all tags are constructed equally. If you are unsure of which tag to use in an application; the lab may be able to suggest RFID inlays and tags that we have found to be of high quality and offer high productivity. Quality tag construction is important to the success of your RFID solution.

With two locations, Brea, Calif. and Taipei, Taiwan, the lab has documented testing protocols to fulfill its two main functions:

  • Test inlays and tags from the industry’s leading RFID media manufacturers to ensure an acceptable encoding yield.
  • Test tag constructions to ensure physical compatibility with our printers. The physical construction of an RFID tag is a key consideration. RFID tags are often thicker, have unusual edges or shapes, and may be subject to backfeed issues during the printing process to void bad tags.

If you have been involved with RFID for some time, you may notice that our lab does not deal with the issue of “inlay placement”. This is intentional  and a major step forward in creating an affordable,  easy to use RFID solution. Printronix Auto ID RFID printers have unique firmware which essentially renders the issue of inlay placement obsolete.  In the past, inlays needed to be placed in a specific position for each specific printer model to achieve maximum throughput. This made label sourcing more complex and costly.  With Printronix Auto ID’s proprietary firmware, the inlays can be almost anywhere in the tag as long as placement is consistent. This feature allows customers to use a wider variety of tags, often at a lower price.

The lab has posted results of “validated” inlays and tags to the Printronix Auto ID website. If you would like to know about a specific inlay’s or tag’s compatibility with a Printronix Auto ID RFID printer, please contact us at RFID@PrintronixAutoID.com.

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