While many businesses have slowed down due to the current pandemic, hospitals, and healthcare facilities are ramping up to care for more patients. Drive-through testing and temporary facilities are being set up in record time to handle the influx of new patients.

Creating a new healthcare facility requires everything from new beds and large medical devices to technology that tracks patients from admitting to discharge. Installing and maintaining a large amount of printers at once can be an overwhelming task, especially when the workload is at peak levels.

Printronix Auto ID has the tools to make the process faster and more efficient. In addition to the printer’s virtual control panel or embedded webpage, we also offer a QCMC card option that allows you to program our thermal barcode printers by taking the card from one printer and inserting it into another printer. It’s that easy, and that quick.

Quick Change Memory Card (QCMC)

The QCMC has the ability to duplicate an entire printer’s firmware, saved configurations, and custom files quickly through the printer’s control panel with a user-friendly interface. No external host or files are needed to transfer information to the QCMC. A “snapshot image” is saved of the printer’s firmware, configuration settings, and custom files. The saved image can be copied to any number of printers using the same QCMC so that the printers will be configured identically.

The QCMC has its own resident network MAC address that will be used in place of the printer’s LAN or WLAN MAC address when the card is left installed in a printer. This allows a mission critical printer to be exchanged quickly with a spare printer that will be configured identically, including the network MAC address.

This can be especially useful if a printer fails during a weekend or night shift when IT or technical staff is not present. The operator can simply take the QCMC from the downed printer and insert it into the substitute printer. Due to the availability of the previous printer’s LAN or WLAN MAC address, the new printer is recognized in the network, minimizing downtime and current processes can be continued immediately.

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QCMC SD cards are just one of the many features of Printronix System Architecture (PSA) that simplify printer installation, replacement and management. For more information about PSA or Printronix Auto ID Thermal Printers visit our website.

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