Printronix System Architecture (PSA) is the backbone of the Printronix Auto ID thermal printer family. Combining sophisticated software and distinctive hardware components in an intelligent design platform makes Printronix Auto ID thermal printing solutions especially well-suited for enterprise level productivity.

PSA  Advantages

PSA includes a series of highly developed, versatile functions that are particularly important in terms of printer reliability, ease of installation and printer management. Our enterprise thermal printers are designed to maximize productivity and minimize routine jobs.

Simplifies Printer Installation and Replacement

  • Industry’s largest selection of printer language emulations
  • Easy PDF/PostScript printing
  • Quick Change Memory Card (QCMC)
  • Commonality of Design – If you know how to work with one Printronix Auto ID printer; you can work on them all.

Printer Management – Manage One Printer or an Entire Fleet with PrintNet Enterprise

  • Ability to configure and manage printers using virtual control panel or embedded webpage
  • Remote front-panel lockout to prevent unauthorized users from making changes
  • Remotely troubleshoot and monitor printer status from administrator dashboard
  • Push configurations, firmware, or any file to a single printer or a group of printers.
  • Send automated alerts for printer errors, warnings or fault conditions by email/text
  • Use Printer Management to generate production reports
  • General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) interface to coordinate cooperation with any external device, e.g. signal light or robot arm

Which Printers include PSA?

  • PSA models include:T800 / T4000 / T6000e / T8000

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