barcode validation

Across many industries, bad barcodes – blurry, too light to read, and unable to be scanned – wreak havoc every day through all steps of the supply chain ecosystem, affecting B2B and B2C customers alike.

Faulty barcodes can impact every aspect of a business, from your bottom line to your brand reputation.

Thankfully, solutions exist which can prevent the problems caused by bad barcodes: barcode verifiers/validators.

Here’s a quick dive into what these solutions are and five specific benefits they can bring you.


1) Barcode validation/verification solutions can eliminate downtime and save on production costs.

In manufacturing settings especially, downtime is critical. If bad barcodes hold up a production line, time is lost. Downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars.

Barcode verifiers/ validators can ensure that this doesn’t happen. By immediately flagging that a barcode doesn’t meet ISO standards, it won’t go any further in your production line.

In fact, Printronix Auto ID’s ODV-2D solves this problem automatically: if a barcode doesn’t meet its standards, it overstrikes the entire label of a rejected barcode and reprints a new label.


2) Barcode validation/verification solutions can eliminate repetitive tasks.

Without verifiers and validators, many companies try to solve the problem of bad barcodes by having their employees do repetitive tasks such as scan barcodes by hand using barcode scanners.

But repetitive tasks that can be replaced with more cost-effective solutions waste time, talent, and money. Just think of what the team members who spend time scanning barcodes by hand could do if they had time freed up. They could contribute their abilities in other ways and processes in your operations.

Barcode verifiers and validators are the perfect solutions to this issue.


3) Barcode validation/verification solutions can eliminate costly fines and refused shipments.

In recent years, there’s been an uptick in retailers having to pay costly fines for noncompliant barcodes – especially when shipments are refused because their barcodes are unreadable. In fact, the amount they have to pay has skyrocketed to thousands of dollars.

Barcode verifiers and validators can help retailers eliminate these fines. With proactive and easy-to-use solutions, you can ensure that no shipment or product with bad barcodes ever leaves your facility, saving you thousands to millions of dollars.


4) Barcode validation/verification solutions can help healthcare organizations meet the requirements of the new UDI Compliance Regulation.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) Compliance Regulation requires that medical companies uniquely identify their products with a standard identifier so they can be traced from manufacturing through consumption or disposal.

Barcode verifiers and validators like our ODV-2D can help medical suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that their barcodes are both scannable and meeting stringent ISO quality standards, thus meeting the requirements of this regulation.


5) Barcode validation/verification solutions can improve end user satisfaction and product safety.

As we discussed in our article about how 2D barcodes and traceability programs can prevent massive product recalls in the automotive industry, a bad barcode can not only cost companies money and time; it can possibly hurt lives.

Barcodes are integral parts of traceability programs in industries where safety is of the utmost importance. As a result, improving product safety is not only a given – it is a necessity.

You can use barcode verifiers and validators to track potential faulty products throughout your entire supply chain ecosystem and prevent what happened with Takata Corporation.

This, in turn, will improve your end user satisfaction. After all, once sullied, a brand name can be sullied for years – or even permanently.


So, What’s Next?  

If you’re being negatively affected by the ramifications of bad barcodes, you’ve probably identified the need for a solution which can prevent the costly complications that unreadable barcodes cause.

Why not consider a barcode validator or verifier? With Printronix Auto ID’s ODV solutions, you can validate 1D and 2D barcodes, generate reports, and reprint new labels – and consequently, eliminate downtime, reduce production costs, eliminate repetitive tasks, meet industry requirements, and improve product safety.

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