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QVC is Germany’s number one choice for teleshopping. To meet increasing demands, QVC expanded its distribution center at Hückelhoven and added the latest in logistics technology. The expanded distribution center now is the most sophisticated in Europe.

“We only recommend Printronix Auto ID because of its robust, high-performance printers. Printronix has kept its promises – a long product life and safe investment. It’s a great reason to keep trusting in Printronix!” – Michael Meyer, Senior Manager Operation Services

The Problem

The Hückelhoven distribution center ships approximately 40,000 packages every day. The shipping labels include the customer’s address, internal routing requirements and instructions to QVC’s logistics service provider, Hermes. QVC was concerned about keeping the customer as happy as possible, which means optimizing packages at the packing stage and delivering products as soon as possible. QVC needed a complete printing solution to create accurate invoices and shipping labels. In addition, QVC required a print system that would integrate easily with existing networks and software solutions.

Our Solution

QVC decided on Printronix printers when we first opened the center because they stood out for their flexibility in use, reliability in continuous operation and outstanding price-performance ratio,” said Michael Meyer. QVC’s warehouse system now tells the print server what text information is required and the appropriate label layout and sends the information to the printer. The printer then prints and dispenses the label. The label printers are managed and controlled via PrintNet Enterprise. QVC worked with Printronix technology partner Wien Computer Expert of Norderstedt for the implementation.

The Results

The secret of the company’s success is perfectly coordinated logistics. QVC gained quality performance, reliability and ease of maintenance on their printing. Also, multiple departments, such as the returns group, have the ability to run different programming languages with the same printer.

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