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The world’s fifth largest tire manufacturer, Pirelli produces around nine million car and motorcycle tires per year in the premium segment at its German headquarters in Breuberg.

“The Printronix Auto ID thermal printers convinced us right from the start due to the clear writing of the labels as well as their high speed and user-friendly handling when replacing consumables.” – Wolfram Grulich, IT Infrastructure Specialist at Pirelli

The Problem

Identification and complete traceability of the materials and the final products in a demanding industrial environment.

Our Solution

For already ten years, Pirelli has been convinced by the T5204r and T5208r thermal printers due to their robustness in a harsh industrial environment as well as the high printing speed and their user-friendly handling. So it was no surprise Pirelli chose the T5000 series thermal printers to address this challenge.

The Results

Pirelli uses Printronix thermal printers of the T5000 series for printing the labels. Throughout the entire production process, around one hundred T5000r thermal printers are currently in operation, which generate far more than then thousand labels per day.

*Printer photos may not represent the exact model used in Customer Success Story

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