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Aker Yards

Aker Yards ASA is an international shipbuilding group specializing in cruise ships, ferries, merchant and offshore vessels. The group is an industry leader in innovation, product range, technology, experience and capacity.

“For Aker Yards the safety of its employees is very important. We have long searched for a solution for easy safety tracking, and through tests we ended up using RFID-technology. The usability of this system exceeds all the other systems that we have seen, because it doesn’t require any extra work for our employees. The real-time monitoring of employee location onboard brings us new horizons for further developing the safety issues.” – Petri Moisio Safety Manager

The Problem

Aker Yards needed a system that would monitor and track the movements of up to 5,000 craftsmen during the construction of a ship, and provide real-time data that could be used to ensure that safety regulations were being met, and that employees would be protected in the event of fire or other disaster onboard the vessel.

Our Solution

Today, at Aker Yards’ Turku shipyard, employee movement in and out of ships under construction is monitored using Printronix Auto ID generated RFID-tags. The tag is attached with a sticker to the employees’ helmets and the identification is done automatically with an RFID antenna located at each entry bridge on the ship.

Unlike many access control reader or paper-based systems, the Printronix RFID safety monitoring system at Aker Yards is entirely effortless for the employees, who often have their hands full of fitting material and tools when entering the ship.

The Results

Since it was installed, Aker Yard’s Printronix RFID safety tracking system has been awarded the Symbol EMEA Mobility Innovation Award.

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