The Problem

To raise worker productivity and sharpen the competitive edge of its products in the market, the company adopted the international renowned SAP R3 computerized management system for production, marketing, and accounting.  FAW-Volkswagen used laser and dot printers that fell short of meeting special requirements of their industrial production environment.  Because the equipment failure rate was quite high, the firm could not meet the high-speed production and 24 X 7 production needs. They needed a dependable and fast solution to help their supply chain.

Our Solution

Given their growing logistic needs, Syntel Technologies succeeded in integrating a Printronix high-speed line matrix printer into the company’s SAP R3 system , thanks to cooperation of the technicians at Changchun FAW-Volkswagen.  Over the following three years, Printronix line matrix printers were adopted.  Soon after, FAW-Volkswagen introduced an FIS production and management system to monitor, track and control the whole process of manufacturing, requiring broadcast labels and barcodes.  Being familiar and satisfied with the Printronix line matrix printers, FAW-Volkswagen also decided to adopt the Printronix’s T5000 thermal barcode printers.

The Results

As a result, Printronix thermal printers and line matrix printers were adopted throughout production lines. The company also used the PrintNet® Enterprise remote management to greatly reduce the costs of maintaining and managing printers. FAW-Volkswagen also won recognition and praise from its end-users, and grew to become a powerful and highly efficient enterprise.

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